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Additional Services


Additional Services
Landscape Lighting:

Low voltage landscape lighting is a great way to double your landscaping.  You can see your landscape during the day and at night!  With the wide variety of lights available you can add accents with your lights or keep them hidden.  Not only does it add beauty to your home and landscaping it also adds security.  Lights can be placed at a step in a pathway or by an entryway door.  Landscape lighting is worry free and energy efficient, it turns on and off by itself.  Whether you are home or away your exterior lighting will always be the same.

Lighting we install includes uplighting; path lighting and silhouette lighting.


  • Silt
  • Decorative Wall


Edge Drain Installation:
  • Repair Poor Grades
  • Install Downspouts & Adapters (for underground)


Water Features:
  • Fountains
  • Custom made ponds to your location
Firepit Installation